Stained Glass Windows

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Church of The Advent Strained Glass Window Replicas

Church of the Advent is proud to announce that our beautiful stained glass windows will soon be installed at our altar.

And we have decided to celebrate the occasion!

So, as part of the celebration we are linking it to our Building Fund “fun-raising” efforts. Yes, we are excitedly offering a radiant, translucent ($30.00 value) replica of one (of the four) stained glass windows – free with each $125.00 donation to the “Fellowship Hall” building fund!

And now there is also a smaller replica-free with each contribution of $50.00

These elaborately crafted Window Art replicas are being created especially for You, the members of Church of the Advent by a local artist!  They are unique, they are translucent and they will look beautiful on you windows and/or end tables.  Each replica can be hung at a window or displayed in its own special easel (included).  You may even want to collect all four!

Our Stained Glass Window Replicas are ready for viewing in the church narthex.  Please check them out…consider contributing to our Building Fund today!  Contributing, and ordering your free window art is easy… just call the church office at (352) 465-7272.  Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 12:30pm and Tuesday from 8:30am to 4:00pm