School Supplies

The School Supply Drive is ongoing!

We could use more help!

The School Supply Drive table has been updated, so please feel free to pick up a
card or two as often as you like. We are hoping to supply 1-3 students from
each grade level (K-4 + ESE) at Sunrise Elementary during the year. We will
continue this project all year long, as supplies run low as they are used.
Usually, by Christmastime, the teachers have a new list of supplies that have
been used up and are in desperate need. Sadly, these supplies are not provided
to the teachers, and if the students cannot get it provided by the parents. The
teacher has to resort to docking grades to the poor student or buying these
supplies themselves.

The teachers get a total of $25.00 a year for classroom supplies, including any
copies that they make at the school. That $25.00 is usually used up before the
school year starts, because of different letters to the parents for the new
school year, etc. Most all of the teachers I have talked to, tell me that they
spend hundreds of dollars each year on school supplies. They rely on donations
from faithful parents and community help because the majority of the money they
spend is used on the copier and printouts. Of course, they continually have to
buy some supplies for something or another, so these donations are extremely
important. I implore you to continue to help out.

Thank you so very much for all of the donated supplies. You have truly made a
difference. Your continued support will help to shine God’s light onto one more

Just in case you are wondering what supplies to get, here is a list:

Ziploc Bags (Sandwich and Gallonsizes)
Bottle of School Glue
1 Ruler (inches and centimeter)
4 boxes of Tissues
Pencil Pouch
5 Baby Wipes
2 Anti-Bacterial Wipes
2 Regular Backpacks (No Wheels)
Giant Pink Eraser
Plastic Pencil Box
4 Pencil Boxes
4 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
Scissors – Child
Scissors – Fiskars
2 Scissors – Fiskars Blunt Tip
Dry Erase Markers
Black Dry Erase Markers
2 EXPO brand dry erase markers
Large Hand Sanitizers
3 X 5 Index Cards (2)
3 X 5 White Index Cards with lines
2 Glue Sticks
Crayons (16+ count)
5 Crayon Boxes (24 Count)
2 Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
16 White Glue Sticks
1-1/2″ 3-ring binder with 2 pockets
4 Plastic Folders with Pockets and Fasteners
1 Plastic Yellow Folder with Pockets and Fasteners
3 Folders with pockets and fasteners (any color)
1 Orange Folder with pockets and fasteners
2 Purple folders with pockets and fasteners
2 Blue folders with pockets and fasteners
3 green folders with pockets and fasteners