Our History

In the 1980’s, the rapid growth around State Road 200 caused the Diocese of Central Florida to purchase property in 1985 for a future Episcopal mission.  For several years there was no growth and a frustrated group of local Episcopalians met on the first Sunday of Advent in 1990.  They petitioned the diocese for incorporation as a mission and were canonically admitted January 25, 1991.  After two years of meeting in different locations, the diocese provided a doublewide trailer where worship services began on the first Sunday of Advent in 1992.

The next three years witnessed immense growth.  From 1992-1995 the church grew on average 29% each year.  After some years, the temporary worship stucture proved unsuitable and growth slowed to 4%.  In 1996, the church became financially independent and was granted parish status in 1997.  In 1998, plans for a new facility were finalized and contractors procured.  Work began in July of that year.  The excitement proved contageous and growth again grew to double digits.  The current building was consecrated on February 7, 1999. 

Unfortunately, much of that growth so early achieved was to be countered by the decline brought on by controversy at the national level.  Although there were significant tensions mounting on the national scene in the Episcopal Church, Advent chose to remain neither conservative nor liberal, even amidst a national denomination that seems driven to polarization.

From 2007 until now, we have added a chapter of the Daughters of the King and the Brotherhood of St. Andrew,  Among our developments was the addition of Education for Ministry and a host of other ministries. Something is going on at Advent nearly every day of the week!

The next chapter in our history depends on you.  Come and see us in action.  Do you have a talent or gift, we will help you find your niche.  You see, the real story is just beginning.  We are poised to achieve even greater things for our Lord, but doing just that means having you among us!

Former Clergy-in-Charge:

The Rev’d Michael Messina, Vicar 1991-1992

The Rev’d A. Joe Goss, Vicar, and later, Rector (deceased) 1992-2007

The Rev’d Margaret Silk-Wright, Priest-in-Charge 2007-2009

The Rev’d Robert M. Lewis, Rector 2009-2013